Preview: New CD release “Songs Without Words” April 26, 2019 

The new album Songs Without Words features contemporary instrumental music for the electric guitar. It is defined by an unconventional musical vision that combines jazz, classical, and electronic composing and performing styles.

I believe instrumental music brings together different cultures and connects with people. Here’s to music and compositions that decelerate our hectic and noisy world.

Stay tuned!

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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack “Climate Warriors”

The original motion picture soundtrack to “Climate Warriors” is now available on all streaming platforms. Sixteen pieces describe the struggle for a future powered by renewable energy – from emotional piano themes to a powerful, action packed climax, the score encompasses a wide range of musical elements.


The documentary “Climate Warriors” portrays the efforts of international activists, scientists, and celebrities in promoting the energy transition. United in their fight against climate change and its disastrous effects on our planet, they face powerful adversaries set on protecting the status quo.


Further Information on “Climate Warriors”:

A Film by Carl-A. Fechner; Co-Directed by Nicolai Niemann; Distributed by W-Film; Music by Gerhard Daum

Trailer (English):
Trailer (German):


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Film Music Suites – Voices from the Press

Voices from the Press for the 2017 album release Film Music Suites – ToneWork Records, Gerhard Daum Music Edition

Filmmusik 2000, 1.6.2017, Mike Rumpf, Film Music Suites – Gerhard Daum:

“Such successful compilations were desired much more often in the German film music scene. The Film Music Suites are already among the most gratifying German film music releases of the year. ”


Feuilleton Scout, 20.5.2017, CD-Neuerscheinungen, Brandenburger Symphoniker “Film Music Suites” von Gerhard Daum:

“Almost everyone has heard of him before: Gerhard Daum composes film music, and his spectrum is far …” “Sensitive, outstanding Brandenburger Symphonic Orchestra under the direction of Hannes Ferrand implement the new arrangements and invite to rediscover supposedly known. ”


Das Orchester 12/2017, Seite 67, Steffen A. Schmidt, Rezension Gerhard Daum – Film Music Suites

“The composer’s work is extremely varied, not only in film music, but also in advertising music …” “The eleven suites in total, including romances, psycho-thrillers and thrillers, including American, English and German productions, reflect the composer’s spectrum. ”


Musenblätter, 6.6.2017, Sabine Kaufmann “Losgelöst von hektischen Bildern” – Gerhard Daum – Film Music Suites:

“In the best orchestral quality with a large cast, the” Film Music Suites “emphasize Daum’s compositional rank on the one hand, but also the importance of music for the images, which we can´t see here while listening, but can impressively imagine.”