Stroll Through Relaxing and Invigorating Musical Soundscapes with Acclaimed Film and TV Soundtrack Composer Gerhard Daum

Review by Bill Binkelman from Zone Music
From German guitarist/composer Gerhard Daum comes a new vision of music that speaks of escaping the hustle and bustle of city life, of plugging back into nature, and retreating to the sanctuary of forests, glens, prairies, and mountains. Welcome to your musical Rural Renewal. Daum explores an assortment of tempos, styles, influences, and motifs, yet binds them all together with superb musicianship, tasteful execution, strong melodic sensibility, and flawless production quality. Whether driving along a country road during Indian Summer, or walking through the forest during a Gentle Rain, the listener will feel transported and instantly engaged.
Eschewing the relaxing “norm” for painting sonic portraits of nature, guitarist/multi-instrumentalist Gerhard Daum spreads his composing and performing talent across a wide and deep landscape on Rural Renewal. I heard echoes of such diverse albums as Craig Chaquico’s Acoustic Highway, David Arkenstone’s Sketches from an American Journey and Eric Tingstad’s Southwest and Mississippi. That’s already quite a pedigree and there’s a lot more going on here than just those comparisons. That this slice of musical Americana would come from a native German is yet another “marvel” on this marvellous release.

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