Jazz Ballads – Chilled State of the Art Listening Experience

Jazz Ballads represents the art of instrumental storytelling based on beautiful melodies and the sonic identity of the lead instrument, the trumpet, reminiscent of legendary jazz standards and performers.

Gerhard Daum’s composing vision picks up on this idea and develops it further combining the elements of jazz with the neoclassical style and cinematic pop culture, thus creating a fresh and novel approach to the performance. In addition to trumpet and flugelhorn, the multi-instrumentalist also plays the piano, guitars and midi bass on all album tracks. The fabulous New York drummer Adam Nussbaum completes the instrumental arrangement. The album was recorded in Cologne and Berlin.


voices from the press: Kathy Parsons (mainlypiano.com)

Gerhard Daum appears to be the rare artist who can do just about anything and do it all well!

Jazz Ballads begins with “Air,” a light yet very soulful piece for trumpet and piano with upright bass and brushed drums – a great way to set the tone of the album! The cool and atmospheric “Nightbird” keeps the trumpet out in front, but the piano is right behind it along with bass and drums. “Welcome Back” picks up the tempo a bit with a sultry trumpet lead supported by acoustic guitars, bass and drums – happy and free! “Alone Together” summons images of a very romantic slow dance in a darkened room with just the dancers and musicians – this time, trumpet, piano, bass and brushed drums expressing a hint of the blues. And speaking of blues, “Road Less Traveled” combines trumpet with steel guitars, bass and drums for the theme to a movie that hasn’t been made yet – a favorite! “Reel Inn” has a different flavor with muted trumpet, vintage guitars, Rhodes piano, bass and drums. A bit mysterious with a cool and aloof demeanor, it’s a fun little piece! “Shades of Blue” goes much darker, this time with flugelhorn, piano, bass and brushed drums. I think something is lurking around the corner! My favorite track is “Route 96,” a fantastic theme for muted trumpet, steel guitars, fretless bass and drums. Dark, intriguing and emotionally rich, I really love this one! “Soulcatcher,” an elegant and bluesy duet for trumpet and piano with bass and drums, moves slowly, with grace and purpose – I really like this one, too! “Easy Living” is the perfect music for a summer afternoon or evening, hanging out with friends – or even with a good book! –  enjoying life and taking it easy. “Reprise” brings the album to a close with a relaxed, soulful trumpet melody supported by piano, bass and drums.

Release: June 11, 2022

  1. Air  3:16  Trumpet theme, smooth and light as a feather, with acoustic piano, upright bass, and brushed drums
  2. Nightbird  3:37  Subtle and elaborate trumpet lines with acoustic piano, upright bass, and lively drums
  3. Welcome Back  3:05  Groovy and rhythmical trumpet melody with acoustic guitars, upright bass, and joyful drums
  4. Alone Together  3:18  Classy, contemporary jazz standard with leading trumpet accompanied by piano, upright bass, and brushed drums
  5. Road Less Traveled   3:54  Contemporary cinematic blues trumpet theme with steel guitars, upright bass and live drums
  6. Kreuzberg Cafe   3:49  Trumpet Bossa theme with acoustic and electric guitars, upright bass, and drums
  7. Abendstimmung   3:34  Warm and tender trumpet with acoustic piano, upright bass, and feather light brushed drums
  8. Reel Inn  3:05  Muted trumpet, cool and chilled with vintage guitars, Rhodes piano, upright bass, and lively swinging drums
  9. Shades of Blue  1:52 Haunting flugelhorn theme, sophisticated and emotional with acoustic piano, upright bass, and brushed drums
  10. Route 96  3:25  Catchy muted trumpet theme underlined with fretless bass, steel guitars and drums
  11. Garden of Dreams  2:55  Gentle flowing trumpet melody with acoustic piano, upright bass, and relaxed brush strokes
  12. Soulcatcher  2:51  Soulful bluesy trumpet cue with acoustic piano, upright bass, and gentle brushed drums
  13. Easy Living  3:30  Lush and easy trumpet Bossa theme with acoustic guitars, piano, and light drums
  14. Reprise  2:52  Trumpet around midnight, relaxed and thoughtful accompanied by piano, upright bass, and drums

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3rd June 2022

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