The sound of the guitar inspired an entire generation and played a distinguished role in film scoring as well.

Some great examples are the title theme of James Bond 007 played on a telecaster or the usage of the electric guitar sound incorporated in the scores of Ennio Morricone.

My guitar collection albums highlight always a specific kind of style, sound, and performance of the guitar.

“Guitar Stories” represents the 5th album in a series of award winning guitar music released on the artist label ToneWork Records.

This new album combines a wide range of different guitars – Dobro, Fender Stratocaster, acoustic nylon and steel guitars.

The compositions and guitar performances are arranged with soft electronic soundscapes and modern drum kit and hip/hop grooves.

The minimalist ambient pop soundtrack with full mix and underscores tracks offer a rich range of colors to choose from especially for film/TV.

Thanks for your consideration – please stay tuned and enjoy the music.

You can listen the music on all music streaming platforms by clicking below.


More guitar albums by Gerhard Daum

“Rural Renewal” influenced by American and European folk and classical music features the classical guitar accompanied by a string ensemble. It reached No1 on the Top 100 ZMR Airplay Chart.

Official Video to the Album Rural Renewal:


The crossover album “Songs without Words” combines elements of jazz, classical, and electronic composition and performing styles.


“String Theory” offers an eclectic mix of electric and acoustic solo guitars.

Listen to the playlist on YouTube:


“Storm Guitars” showcases bold and powerful trailer compositions with virtuous guitar performances.

Listen to the playlist on YouTube:

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