An exciting world music journey by film music composer Gerhard Daum in collaboration with numerous musicians, performed on authentic instruments from all over the planet, the legendary Fairlight CMI system and the Waldorf Wave Synthesizer.

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“Mental Voyager – A Music Journey” offers a captivating experience by award-winning film music composer Gerhard Daum. His collaboration with Sandro Friedrich, a Swiss musician specializing in ethnic flutes, creates a unique blend of world music that transports listeners to distant lands and unknown cultures.

Throughout the album, Daum showcases his exceptional skills on guitars and keyboards, effortlessly blending various musical styles and genres. The compositions are masterfully crafted, demonstrating Daum’s ability to evoke strong emotions through his music. Each track feels like a new chapter in a musical journey, taking the listener on a mental exploration of different landscapes and cultures.

The inclusion of ethnic flutes by Sandro Friedrich adds a distinct flavor to the album. These enchanting instruments bring an ethereal quality to the compositions, enhancing the overall immersive experience. Friedrich’s technical prowess on the flute is evident, and his contributions elevate the music to new heights.

The production quality is exceptional, with each instrument shining through and creating a well-balanced sound. The album is filled with intricate melodies, rich harmonies, and subtle nuances that invite repeated listening. It is evident that Daum and Friedrich have invested a great deal of care and attention to detail into crafting this musical journey.

“Mental Voyager – A Music Journey” is an excellent showcase of Gerhard Daum’s talents as a composer, combining his skills in film music with a passion for world music. The album is a testament to his ability to create enchanting soundscapes that transport listeners to different lands and cultures. With Sandro Friedrich’s masterful flute performances, the collaboration brings a unique and memorable experience to the genre.

Overall, “Mental Voyager – A Music Journey” stands as a testament to Daum and Friedrich’s musical abilities. It is a remarkable world music album that deserves recognition for its intricacy, emotion, and ability to transport listeners on a mental voyage. Highly recommended for fans of world music, film music, and anyone looking for a captivating musical journey.

– A. Summer

Musicians on this album:

Sandro Friedrich – ethnic flutes, jaw harp
Jean Philippe Froidefond – bass
Amelia Cuni – Indian vocals
Gerhard Daum – acoustic & electric guitars, keyboards, piano

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