Gerhard Daum collaborates with drummer Adam Nussbaum

Gerhard Daum collaborates with drummer Adam Nussbaum

I’m quite happy how things are coming along with my new album – the release is scheduled for the beginning of 2022.

The music and sound of the upcoming album is a rebirth of my love for the trumpet and the beauty of an acoustic ensemble playing contemporary classic jazz compositions.

After a lot of hard work, the recordings are all wrapped now and we are in the final stage for completing the master at EBS Productions in the Hansa Studio Complex, Berlin. Recordings for my new album took place at different studio locations. I performed and recorded the trumpet, the guitars and the piano in my own GDM Studio. The drum tracks, played by Adam Nussbaum, were recorded at Topaz Audio Studios in Köln.

Many thanks to everybody who worked with me on my new album and especially to Adam Nussbaum, who did a wonderful job and is a great guy to have on board.

Stay tuned for upcoming news!!!

Yours musically,


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11th December 2021

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