Guitar Stories – new album release

Guitar Stories – new album release

The sound of the guitar inspired an entire generation and played a distinguished role in film scoring as well.

Some great examples are the title theme of James Bond 007 played on a telecaster or the usage of the electric guitar sound incorporated in the scores of Ennio Morricone.

My guitar collection albums highlight always a specific kind of style, sound, and performance of the guitar.

“Guitar Stories” represents the 5th album in a series of award winning guitar music released on the artist label ToneWork Records.

This new album combines a wide range of different guitars – Dobro, Fender Stratocaster, acoustic nylon and steel guitars.

The compositions and guitar performances are arranged with soft electronic soundscapes and modern drum kit and hip/hop grooves.

The minimalist ambient pop soundtrack with full mix and underscores tracks offer a rich range of colors to choose from especially for film/TV.

Thanks for your consideration – please stay tuned and enjoy the music.

Yours musically,


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16th February 2022

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