Atmos Single Release “Air”

Atmos Single Release “Air”
from the upcoming new album “Berlin-Los Angeles-Ballads”
Gerhard Daum Quartett

The new audio format Atoms is now featured on Apple and Tidal, other streaming platforms will soon follow this new trend.

In the early 90s film music composer and multi instrumentalist Gerhard Daum (Trumpet, Guitars, Piano) released his album “Voiceland” in the Dolby Surround format.
20 years later the music industry is catching up with Dolby Atmos, bringing this higher resolution audio format to the mainstream. Dolby Atmos enables the positioning of instruments in a full 360- degree audio experience.

“The new Atmos audio format is working for all genres – I really appreciate the additional space and transparent sound experience combined with the higher resolution of the audio file.” (Gerhard Daum)