KING SAUD (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)


Gerhard Daum’s original motion picture soundtrack for “King Saud” is a captivating musical score that perfectly complements the Hollywood mysterious detective story. The film noir style is beautifully captured through a combination of traditional instruments, such as the trumpet and flugelhorn, along with additional electronic tracks.

Daum’s expertise as an award-winning composer shines through in the way he effortlessly blends different musical elements together. The soundtrack succeeds in creating a dark and moody atmosphere that keeps the listeners engaged throughout the film.

One of the standout features of this score is the use of the trumpet and flugelhorn. These instruments bring a sense of nostalgia and mystery, evoking the classic film noir era. The haunting melodies played on these brass instruments add a layer of depth and intrigue to the main characters of the film.

In addition to the traditional instruments, Daum incorporates electronic tracks to enhance the modern and suspenseful aspects of the story.

– J. Goldwin

Director Mark Toma: –I LOVE IT!  Onward!  It’s noirish!  It’s Chinatown!–

Co-Producer Michael C. Rogers: –yes! that’s the spot-on “CHINATOWN-esque” vibe that captures an atonal melancholy poignancy.–

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