Upcoming FUSION Album Release 2024

On his upcoming instrumental Fusion album, soon to be released by artist label TONEWORK RECORDS, film music composer and musician GERHARD DAUM (flugelhorn & guitar) collaborates with German female drummer ANIKA NILLES.

Gerhard –“In my opinion Anika has the perfect drum chops and sound in the jazz- rock genre Fusion. She played and toured with actor Johnny Depp and late guitarist Jeff Beck, whom I very much respect and admire.

For this new album I envisioned composing music tracks with flugelhorn, jazz-rock guitar, and live drums, building a strong connection to pictures and imagination. Recordings took place at Liner Studios in Walldorf and are now wrapped up and in the process of mixing.”–

Stay tuned!

Preview: New CD release “Songs Without Words” April 26, 2019 

The new album Songs Without Words features contemporary instrumental music for the electric guitar. It is defined by an unconventional musical vision that combines jazz, classical, and electronic composing and performing styles.

I believe instrumental music brings together different cultures and connects with people. Here’s to music and compositions that decelerate our hectic and noisy world.

Stay tuned!

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